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Ineffective billing and time-consuming delays in the filing of insurance claims can lead to a loss of revenue for your dental practice. Dental Thrive will use the existing practice management software in your office to streamline filings, minimize delays and ensure patient accounts stay up-to-date.

About Us

Who Are We

Dental Thrive provides accurate eligibility checks, reduces claim delays and rejections, and will support accounting and billing.

Our Mission

Improve the accuracy of the insurance claims filed at your practice and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the collections and billing departments so you can treat more patients.

What We Do

  • Eligibility checks
  • Accounts receivable
  • Billing insurance claims
  • Collection
  • Patient account updates
  • Other support

Why Choose Us?

If you are committed to reducing back office work for your staff and increasing collections, then give Dental Thrive a try.

Insurance Verification

Our verification process to make it easier for you.

24x7 live support

We’re available to help, whenever your practice needs us.

Results-Oriented Support

Claims are accurate and processed on time.

Professional Experience

We’ve worked in the industry so we know what it takes to succeed.

Research & Development

We stay abreast of new technology so our services remain second-to-none.

Tools & Techniques

We are experts in practice management software and can easily integrate new software.

Our 6-D Process



We transfer patient information from the practice management software and enter it into our own Google sheets.



We identify the requirements of each patient and assign them to the respective expert on our team.



We use the insurance verification form to provide a full breakdown of all policy needs and give the provider all required details.



A strategy is developed so accurate details are provided quickly, reducing the chance of a claim being rejected.



Once we have all necessary information, all details are rechecked by team members so no information is missing.



All details are placed in a patient account with up-to-date insurance documents, personal information, and other pertinent files.

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