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What we do for your dental practice

Dental Thrive will save your practice money and save the time of your patients by reducing the red tape required to deal with insurance companies. Our billing and plan structures are simple and easy to understand.


We keep records of every patient processed claims to ensure accurate and on-time payment.

Eligibility Check

We cross check insurance company details on websites to avoid any eligibility mistakes.

Patient Accounts

We use your system and guidelines to ensure patient accounts always stay up-to-date.

Insurance Form Design

We build our own standard IV forms to suit your practice’s specific needs and goals.

Accounts Receivable

In the unlikely event that a claim gets denied, we quickly identify and correct errors to minimize delays.

Billing Insurance Claims

We ensure the accuracy of every claim and track them for you using whatever system you prefer

Let’s reduce your administrative work — together.

Practice management software we use:

Our team has effectively used these management software systems for insurance verification and billing and collection services with many dental offices across the U.S.

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